Kids Shine Yoga

At the beginning of 2018, Amy was introduced to kids yoga and immediately knew it would be the perfect way to incorporate her experience as an educator into her work in the holistic realm. She took her 95 hour toddler/kids/teen yoga teacher training through Challenge to Change, Inc. in Dubuque, IA where she grew increasingly passionate about kids yoga.  Amy is now teaching kids yoga classes in the Des Moines area and is looking forward to working with local school districts and studios to share tools to help children navigate today’s world in a more mindful way. 

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Yoga For Teachers Class

Amy will be teaching a yoga for teachers class at the AEA this fall. This is designed to help teachers create a classroom atmosphere that fosters peace, inner growth and physical movement through the practice of yoga and meditation.

*Continuing ed and graduate credits are available.

Dates: October 27 & November 17, 2018

Times: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

More information and registration at:

Activity #: IS027792111901

Professional and Child Development Opportunities:

Amy is available in the Central Iowa region to offer educational opportunities to teachers and childcare professionals regarding mindfulness and self-care within the classroom.  She also visits schools to offer classes and workshops for students. 

Yoga mudras, yoga poses, breath-work and guided visualizations are among the many mindfulness tools that Amy shares with teachers during workshops and children in the classroom setting.  Mindfulness is the practice of bringing our minds back to the present moment over and over again.  In today’s “plugged in world,” we struggle to be present and mindful, bringing on anxiety and depression in our children and ourselves.  Through the practice of mindfulness, we teach kids to be in their minds, as well as to slow down their minds, bodies, and breath while reinforcing those skills within ourselves. 

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Kids Yoga Classes

During kids yoga classes, students explore the world of yoga in a fun, playful way by tapping into the young yogi’s natural love of the arts.  Poses, yoga mudras, breath work and relaxation techniques are incorporated to develop body awareness, teach mindfulness and manage the stresses of everyday life.  Please bring a yoga mat or towel, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing.

Mini & Me Classes

These fun and creative classes introduce toddlers to the world of yoga through movement, songs, stories and lots of laughs.  Spend unforgettable quality time with your child while helping him/her enhance fine motor skills, develop coordination and practice self-calming techniques.  Get ready to go on a journey where we swim with the dolphins, roar like a lion, and soar like a butterfly.

Each child must be accompanied by an adult caregiver to attend this class.  No yoga experience is necessary.


See below for details about Kids Shine Fall Programming:

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Adel Yoga and Wellness

Monday 11/5-12/10
NO CLASS the week of Thanksgiving (11/19)
12/17- Makeup date in case of a snow day

Times: 5:30-6:30

Ages: 5-12

Trail Point Aquatics & Wellness

Wednesdays 11/14-12/12
NO CLASS the week of Thanksgiving (11/21)
12/19- Makeup date in case of a snow day

Times: 6:00-6:45

Ages: 7-12

*Registration begins 10/26 for members, 11/2 for non-members